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Nanshan Fashion won the grand Prize in the 2021 China School Uniform Design Competition

2021/4/22 11:10:42

   The final round of 2021 China School Uniform Design Competition was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall recently.After more than 1,000 submissions,48​​works were selected for the final T stage show.The expert judges made corresponding scoring and selection based on the on-site show.In the end,the"Campus Space Station"works of Shandong Dellma growth collection won the second prize of the Primary School Sports Series.

  The China School Uniform Design Competition has been widely supported by universities,business associations,media,fashion design,and school uniform brand circles since it was held for many years.The theme of this competition is"Artisanship,Clothing Morality,Serving the Future,and Inheriting China's Excellent Culture"with the purpose building a harmonious and civilized campus.It is also committed to leading the new fashion of campus culture,cultivating students'aesthetic civilization,establishing a positive and optimistic attitude towards study and life and noble moral sentiment,and giving full play to the education function of school uniform culture.
  The design of Nanshan Zhishang’s school uniform products for this competition adheres to the concepts of health,safety and environmental protection with its unconventional colors.The splicing and matching of colors navy blue,cyan and ivory white makes the product look more fashionable.The product design explores the development of technological and functional products,which integrates technology and practicality.The new anti-radiation fabric was applied to the product to provide certain protection for children and improve the functionality and comfort of school uniforms.The application of new reflective material offset printing effectively improves the safety of school uniforms.In winter,new thermal insulation materials such as Thinsulate are used to make them wearable,lighter and warmer.At the same time,the new design pays more attention to the application of functional shell fabric and trims,using materials such as antibacterial,moisture absorbing and perspiration,waterproof,oil-proof,anti-fouling,environmentally friendly and non-ironing to ensure clean and refreshing wear.A variety of new materials,new processes,and new technologies are innovatively used in school uniforms,making school uniforms more fashionable,beautiful,comfortable,durable,environmentally friendly and safe.
  The DELLMA growth series(DELLMA.CRESCITA school uniform)created by Nanshan Zhishang is a brand new school uniform brand specially created for teenagers and children.It was jointly developed by the R&D team in Milan,Italy and the R&D team in China.Over the years,it has worked with the China Garment Association and the International Wool Bureau to innovate and improve the traditional school uniform standards.DELLMA.CRESCITA school uniform products are more suitable for the wearing habits and school needs of Chinese teenagers with the highest quality standard.In order to ensure the perfect integration of product comfort and style fashion,the DELLMA.CRESCITA R&D team has adopted a variety of advanced technologies in fabric technology and clothing technology leading the world.The product design from yarns,fabrics,accessories to garments and packaging all follows the concept of environmental protection,health and sustainable development.
  The DELLMA uniform growth series(DELLMA.CRESCITA school uniform)will use the highest product technology and the most thoughtful service to create a new standard for youth school uniforms and help the healthy growth of young people around the world.