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Nanshan Fashion was selected as a high-end brand cultivation enterprise for manufacturing in Shandong Province

2021/5/13 11:05:43

   On May 11,the 2021“China Brand Day”(Shandong)event of“Building Good Products and Sharing Quality Life in Shandong”was launched in Linyi,and the“2021 Shandong Province High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise List”was released on the spot.Co.,Ltd.was shortlisted for the"2021 Shandong Province Manufacturing High-end Brand New Cultivation Enterprise"list.

  The Shandong Province Manufacturing High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise is one of the important measures of Shandong Province to promote the high-end brand construction and build the"Good Shandong"regional brand.It is evaluated and recognized by the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration.In recent years,Nanshan Zhishang has focused on building a world-class manufacturing brand echelon,adopting its own brand business model and integrated production,supply,and marketing strategy to achieve high-quality product diversity for different target groups.The strong R&D and innovation advantages and advanced technology promote the strong development of the company's brand.
  Nanshan Zhishang has intensively cultivated the worsted woolen fabrics and has won reputation for quality.The company works closely with domestic and international high-end brands to provide products and services for international first-line luxury brands.At the same time,it also independently operates worsted woolen woolen brands such as"Nanshan".In terms of independent clothing brands,Nanshan Zhishang has both online and offline operations,including China’s leading professional wear brand"Dellma",haute couture brand"Zhishang",and online brand"Mens Plant".In addition,in terms of tooling and protective clothing,the company cooperates with Japan Zizhongtang to create high-quality and professional tooling and clothing products and protective products for global workers.During the epidemic,the efficient conversion of protective equipment and good returns highlighted the company's excellent management level in rapid market response.
  The brand structure of Nanshan Zhishang is a comprehensive and diversified multi-brand echelon.Different brands have maintained the necessary complementarity in the consumer market and price range.Looking forward to the future,Nanshan Zhishang will provide high-quality products and services to global consumers in decision-making and management through sustainable development,innovative spirit and continuous improvement of corporate governance,and aspire to become a world-leading textile and apparel company.