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Nanshan Fashion steps into the Sustain100 sustainable fashion creative list

2021/6/21 10:52:50

  The"Sustain 100 Sustainable Fashion Creative List",which called for global fashion brands to recommend products and jointly participate in the activity,was announced recently.The"zero-gram ultra-light suit"of Nanshan Zhishang was selected into the Responsible Consumption Protocol list.

  Nearly one hundred brands from fashion,beauty,sports,footwear and other fields participated in this event.More than 150 products compete in the event.The sustainable fashion innovation product list was finally settled down by the joint efforts of professional editors from the industry media such as WWD China,FN International Shoes News,BeautyInc,Huayi Fashion Industry Research Think Tank and other authorities after carefully studying each product and comprehensively consider the entire list.
  The“zero-gram ultra-light suit”recommended by Nanshan Zhishang uses high-quality Australian ultra-fine merino wool mixed with fine mulberry silk,which is light,thin,soft and transparent,and feels soft and smooth.The weight of the suit has been successfully reduced by about 40%in comparison with the traditional one,making it easier and more casual to wear.Under the conditions of ensuring the performance of wearing,it is made to be extremely light and thin while meeting the requirements of daily wear.It is more light and breathable,comfortable and healthy,green and cool,low-carbon and environmentally friendly.