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The International Woolmark Award sets up the "Supply Chain Partner Award" for the first time,Shandong Nanshan Fashion Sci-tech Co.,Ltd wins the grand prize

2021/6/16 10:24:18

  After Matty Bovan winning the 2021 International Woolmark Award and the"Karl Lagerfeld Innovation Award"at the same time,the newly added"Supply Chain Partner Award"this year was won by the Chinese company Shandong Nanshan Fashion Sci-tech Co.,Ltd.This award aims to commend the support for young designers,and promotes their outstanding achievements in international cooperation and exchanges.Nanshan Fashion,who has become the industry leader by focusing on innovative research and development,has insisted on working closely with the shortlisted designers for many years to help them turn their dreams into reality.

  Since its establishment in 1954,the International Woolmark Award has been regarded as one of the most important talent development programs in the fashion industry.The project explores and cultivates talents across different countries and cultural regions,showing the elegance,diversity and functionality of merino wool.As a new award this year,the International Woolmark Award hopes that through the establishment of the"Supply Chain Partner Award",it encourages the contributing companies who continue commitment to foster young designers,attaching great importance to technological research and development,and actively promote international cooperation and exchanges,so as to make excellence for the global wool industry.
  "As our most sincere partner,Nanshan Fashion has been innovating with us in all links of the industrial chain for many years,and has always been committed to supporting young designers,which is of great significance to the continuous upgrading and development of the wool industry."Managing Director of the Woolmark Company Stuart McCullough said,“Nanshan Fashion deserves this award.I am convinced that the company will continue to play its leading role in the industry,continue to work hand in hand with us,continue to pay attention and support to new designers in the industry,and jointly create a new pattern of wool fashion."
  Innovative products of Nanshan Fashion used by the finalists of the International Woolmark Award
  2018/19 International Woolmark Award Champion
  Colovos uses OptimTM technology developed by Nanshan Fashion and 100%traceable pure wool to create a brand new parka coat,which is usually made of synthetic fabrics.OptimTM technology can transform 100%Merino pure wool into a high-performance fabric that is windproof and waterproof without chemical treatment.It first pre-stretched wool fibers and spun them into yarns,and then woven them into a smooth and elastic fabric with high density.It is an ideal substitute for synthetic fiber fabrics commonly used in jackets.
  Matthew Miller
  2017/18 International Woolmark Award Champion
  Matthew Miller's creation was inspired by Nanshan Fashion NEULANA fabric.The NEULANA Double fabric made of 100%Merino wool uses Optim™technology to create a special fabric with completely different face and back sides.One side is smooth,and the other side is soft,fluffy and brushed,which looks like a bonded fabric,but it is actually woven without any synthetic materials,glue,film or lining.
  About the Woolmark Company:
  The Woolmark Company is an authoritative wool textile certification body,and has established cooperative relations with wool textile and fashion enterprises from all over the world.We regard Australian wool as the most natural garment fiber and the fabric of choice for high-luxury and technological performance apparel.
  Woolmark is the most well-known textile mark in the world.It is not only a guarantee of high quality,but also a representative of the best quality and innovative design in the entire industry chain from pasture to final garment.
  The Woolmark Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation.It is a non-profit organization jointly owned by 60,000 herders and is committed to providing R&D and marketing services for the global supply of Australian wool.