Modarte Advanced Customization

Nanshan Zhishang Modarte Advanced Customization service relies on the complete industrial chain of Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd.  From high-quality wool cultivation in Australia to multi-variety luxury fabric weaving to garment production, the Company always perfectly combines the traditional production process with contemporary design to produce the all kinds of clothing products such as suits, coats, coats, shirts and trousers and etc. for each customer.

Currently, Modarte has more than 300 kinds of suits and jacket fabrics, 100 kinds of jacket fabrics and about 500 kinds of shirt fabrics provided for guests to select. In the VIP room of the store or on-line platform, the guests can realize a variety of personalized customized services after they choose the model clothes to be used as a measure.

Luxury fabric

Modarte Advanced Customization service selects the fabrics of world-famous brands to create suits and shirts, including classic mohair wool and merino wool, fine cashmere top fabrics and a series of wool fabrics with super 200 S quality. Excellent fabric with excellent touch makes more abundant choices for shirt fabric.

Fine tailoring

All products of Modarte are all made of semi - linen liner or all-linen liner supplemented with various high-quality auxiliary materials, and high-end products are all carefully tailored by hand, including hundreds of fine and complicated different procedures, all of which are jointly completed by senior domestic tailors and Italian technical experts.

High quality customers

All guests Modarte devotes to serving belong to the leaders of this era, including business leaders, business executives, opinion leaders, artists and well-known social groups.

High quality raw material

Modarte has always chosen superior raw materials to supply customized products, from super merino wool to luxurious rare fiber Egyptian cotton, and has always been committed to providing customers with natural and comfortable enjoyment. Merino wool jointly collaborated with Merryman, which was originated from a family of wool started in 1864, to launch a custom service of high-end textile and garment products based on luxury Merino wool.