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Nanshan Jichodo Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. and the largest 

tooling listed company in Japan.A Sino-foreign joint venture established by the joint venture.

Nanshan Jichodo Protection Technology Co., is based in China and has a global layout. It is committed to creating high-quality and professional tool-

ing garment brands for global laborers. Mainly engaged in professional workR & D, production and sales of equipment and related products (medical-

garment, safety shoes, etc.). At present, it has complete product development, production, marketing, service and perfect operation system and compl-

ete preparation.The fast response system for goods and orders can meet the short-term, flat, fast and high-quality product requirements and service r-

equirements of customers, and the comprehensive strength ranks in the forefront of the same industry in the Chinese market.

The company introduced Japan's advanced garment R & D design and management operation concept, and provided the most advanced international 

technical support and guarantee by the R&D design and technology team from Japan.

The company's product design is forward-looking, scientific and safe.

In the future, the company will focus on quality and customers, driven by technological innovation, and constantly improve its competitive advantage 

with advanced technology, high-quality products and high-standard services.

Partners work together to provide quality products and services to consumers around the world.