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The Woolmark Company is the world's leading certification authority for wool fiber textiles, which has more than 60 years of experience in the textile industry and is also an authoritative organization in the field of textile innovation and wool spinning technology. The Woolmark Company is the owner of the pure wool logo and approves its concession. In addition to the logo of pure wool, a high proportion of wool logo and the wool blend logo brand are also available.  
The Woolmark Company itself does not manufacture and sell wool products, but it often keeps close contact with all levels of the textile industry in the process of establishing wool demand, including providing assistance and support to retailers and wool textile industry production units in raw wool selection, processing technology, product development, style design, quality control, product promotion and other aspects, and carrying out joint promotional activities with them, such as the implementation of the world-famous pure wool logo and etc.
The Australian Wool Innovation Corporation ( AWI ) completed its acquisition of the Woolmark Company in 2007 and also acquired the Woolmark.
About Australian Wool Innovation Corporation ( AWI )
Australian Wool Innovation Limited(AMI) is a non-profit company owned by more than 25,000 herder shareholders. AWI is a non-profit company funded by taxes paid by Australian herdsmen and part of the Australian government with the purpose to quickly and widely push the results of research and development projects into products and markets. AMI does not directly create profits for shareholders. Almost all wool herders are willing to contribute 2 % of their selling price of fat wool to Australian wool development company as a wool tax, because the company is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of Australian herdsmen and promotes Australian Merino Wool to the world.
AWI is committed to the research and development, innovation and marketing of Australian wool industry and increasing the response speed to the market, strengthening the close relationship with customers, and supporting wool logo franchise enterprises, which will be the main factors for AWI to formulate its business strategy. The new business model after integration will make the relationship among research, development and marketing more close. AWI will work to revitalize the brand of pure wool and the whole wool-related industry.
About Australia's Merino Wool
Australia's Merino Wool is considered to be one of the whitest and softest wool fibers in the world.
The ultra-fine and high-quality Australian Merino fiber enables designers to create the most comfortable, fashionable and durable clothing.
Australia's Merino Wool is soft and has a natural drape, elasticity and breathability. Moreover, the clothes made from Merino Wool can also resist the cold and heat, making it a perfect cross-season clothing.
Australia's Merino Wool is much thinner than other types of wool, with 50 % of the trimmed wool being only 20 microns or less. For the same length, the reduction of fiber diameter can make the fiber bend more easily and reduce the tickling sensation. In contrast, human hair is 100 microns in diameter. This fineness means Australian Merino Wool is more flexible and softer than other types of wool.
About Wool Mark Woolmark
The Woolmark Company owns and authorizes the brand of wool logo, which provides a unique and global fiber quality assurance program for the industry and consumers, allows enterprises to use one of our logos on their products as an independent quality recognition.
Pure wool logo is the most famous textile logo in the world, which represents a high-quality and long-term commitment spanning more than 45 years.
As one of the most famous brands in the world, from the beginning in 1964 to right now, the pure wool logo has been applied to more than 2 billion pieces of clothing. In addition to the brand name of pure wool containing 100 % pure new wool products, we also offer the brand of wool blend. Meanwhile, we also have many sub-brands of clothing and upholstery.
Any product bearing the symbol of pure wool is made of 100 % pure new wool and is certified by the The Woolmark Company to meet specific quality standards and provide pure natural comfort. ( The Woolmark Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Wool Development Corporation. )
From luxurious clothing, functional sports series to household goods and linen fabrics, wool is widely used and reasonably priced, making it the perfect choice for you to enjoy all the year round.
When a product carries a pure wool logo, you can be sure of its quality, performance and value.