Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology is the only full-time ordinary university in China named after clothing, with arts and crafts as its main subject, arts, industry, economics, management and other disciplines developing harmoniously, which has distinctive characteristics in running the school. The school was founded in 1959, formerly known as Beijing Textile Institute of Technology. Then, it changed its name to Beijing Chemical Fiber Institute of Technology in 1961 and expanded to Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology in 1987, which was governed transferring from the Ministry of Textile Industry to Beijing City in 1998.
The College adheres to the school-running concept of " seeking truth from facts and innovation, applying what you learn" and has established a modern clothing teaching system of " combining art education with engineering education and management education, combining national clothing culture with modern design concept, and combining theoretical teaching with practical teaching". At present, there are more than 8,000 students and 700 employees in the college. There are different schools in the college, including Clothing Art and Engineering School, Material Science and Engineering School, Art and Design School, Business School, Information Engineering School, Foreign Language School, Plastic Arts School, Fundamental Education School, Ideological and Political Theory Teaching School, Computer Information Center, Graduate School, International College and Continuing Education School, as well as the National Clothing Museum, one of the " top ten" characteristic museums in China, and the fourth batch of construction project of Zhongguancun Science City - Clothing Fashion Design Industry Innovation Park.
The College actively serves the economic and social development and has successfully completed the design of the uniforms for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympics, the torch relay costumes, the " blue and white porcelain" series of Chinese athletes' medal receiving costumes, the Paralympic Games entrance costumes, as well as the designs of space costumes and cabin shoes used for " Shenzhou 7", " Shenzhou 9" and " Shenzhou 10", the costumes for the parade team and volunteers on the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the ceremonial costumes for the Guangzhou Asian Games, the ceremonial costumes for the Shenzhen Universiade and the uniforms for primary and secondary schools in Beijing and the two generations of cap and gown. In 2012, it established and cultivated the " Chinese National Art Inheritance and Communication Center" with three top art colleges in China, aiming to explore and establish a talent training mechanism with innovative ability and jointly promote the inheritance of national art.
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology always adheres to the motto of " preciseness, diligence, realism and innovation" and ceaselessly strives to become a " clothing talent training center, clothing science and technology research and development center and clothing culture dissemination center" in the capital and continuously makes positive contributions to building China into a textile and clothing power around the world..