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NANSHAN Introduction of Nanshan Fabric Products

Classic Full Wool Series:

Pay attention to details and delicacy, elegant appearance and comfort of wearing, perfect integration of strength technology and fashion art, through rich and colorful collocation and coordination, to show the natural visual impact and harmony.

Top quality plush series:

Emphasis is laid on comfortable wearing performance, light touch, soft, natural protein fibers and high-tech ecological fibers, such as a reasonable combination of high-quality raw materials, baby skin as delicate, smooth, diamond-like delicate, elegant, emitting a unique and elegant charm.

High count blending series:

It reflects the fashion and speed of life, the comprehensive application of natural fibers and synthetic fibers, the follow-up of high count and high density technology, the quality of high-quality fabrics and comprehensive wearing performance, easy and comfortable nursing, and the feeling of life is so beautiful.

Excellent leisure and pants series:

Showing individuality, breaking through restraint and depression, focusing on value and quality, striving to reshape product style, reflecting the fashion and fast of modern life, mainly with stripes, large lattices, suede, double layers, characteristic texture, assisted by single warp and single weft, classic jacquard, characteristic jacquard, wool and linen, elastic wrinkle resistance and other characteristics of flower shape and texture.

Functional product series:

Pursue comfortable and comfortable wearing of wool worsted fabrics, enrich the accessory functions and easy care performance of products, such as nano-three-proof series, cold series, thermal series, anti-ultraviolet series, moisture absorption and perspiration series, machine washable products series, mercerizing skin-friendly series, bamboo charcoal anti-bacterial series, and so on.