Production Line

Italian boutique production line of Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. is the company's most advanced fabric production line, which has made bold reforms and innovations from product design and development, production equipment, fabric positioning to management mode, marketing mode and brand operation, and can represent the current level of domestic wool textile industry and basically reach the international advanced level.

1.Original Italian design is adopted for fabric research and development

In 2007, Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. has set up a research and development center in Milan, Italy, to collect and master the most advanced information of high-grade fabrics. The designers from Milan Office are responsible for providing the original design of Italian - style fabrics for Italian fabric production lines in China, ensuring the delicacy, popularity, fashion and pure Italian style of fabrics from the source.

2.New mode of process management and on-site management

 The boutique production line is managed by a team of Italian experts, including process management and on-site management. The production process is fully implemented in accordance with the current advanced technology in Italy's domestic wool textile industry, ensuring that the products produced are authentic Italian style. On-site management also operates according to the model of Italian wool spinning enterprises, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also ensure the product quality to meet the requirements to the greatest extent.

3.Accurate product positioning

According to the information and the actual situation, the Company has positioned the fabric produced by the boutique production line as the top-grade clothing fabric in the European market, most of which will be exported to Europe and adopted by European famous clothing brands, bringing huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

4.New business marketing model

The boutique line adopts the advanced network marketing mode, reduces the intermediate circulation links, lows the marketing cost, and enables the products to reach the customers quickly and swiftly.

5.Full set of Italian Bellini Wool Strip Dyeing Machine

The Wool Strip Dyeing Machine adapted from Italian Bellini Company was used to realize the automation of the whole process from blending to process operation.

6.Full set of compacted spinning equipment

In order to produce high-quality woolen fabrics, all the boutique lines are made of professional woolen compact spinning equipment. All the yarns used in the fabric are compacted spinning yarns, with good yarn evenness and less hairiness, which lies a solid foundation for the production of first-class fabrics.

7.High added value of products

On the basis of compacted spinning, together with the company's original Arcano wool deep processing technology, it can produce delicate and light fabrics that meet the market and have high added value.

Nanshan Zhishang Italian boutique fabric production line has embarked on a sustainable development path relying on brand and technology through a series of approaches, including independent scientific and technological innovation, original design, management and marketing mode innovation, brand operation and etc.