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■ The Wool Development Center ( WDC ) was jointly established by the Woolmark Company and Nanshan Zhishang, a Chinese wool textile enterprise, which will become a research and training base for wool textile technology in China and other countries.

Purpose of establishment

■ The Wool Development Center ( WDC ) was officially established in October 2013, aiming to develop new high value-added wool products from Australian Merino Wool, a fine wool fiber through innovation. As the world's first professional wool research organization, Nanshan Zhishang has a professional university education system and a whole wool industry chain from wool washing to ready-to-wear clothing. Besides, the Group also uses AWI technology and funds to jointly study wool fibers and products to ensure the sustainability of the industry.

■ The Wool Development Center ( WDC ), jointly established by both Nanshan Zhishang and AWI, carries the most cutting-edge technology and product research and development work of wool development. In the future, it is available to build an open innovation platform based on WDC platform and cooperate with well-known experts, scholars and elite schools in China and other countries. Compared with some famous brands in the wool textile industry in several countries such as Italy and etc., it is expected that the wool culture and original development ability of Nanshan Zhishang can be further improved on WDC platform.

■ The development work of WDC in the future includes investment in R & D equipment, product innovation display and future development planning. Moreover, the display content of WDC will focus on " From Farm to Show" and highlight innovative ideas, covering Wool - Lab's popular trend, truly display the raw materials, yarns, fabrics and garments, and adopt display means such as static images, videos and interactive touch screens and etc. In order to further strengthen cooperation, the existing WDC was expanded in October 2014.

Brief introduction of partners:

The Woolmark Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation Corporation ( AWI ) and a non-profit organization owned by more than 25,000 herders. The vision of AMI is to promote a vital, stable and profitable wool industry by providing the best natural fibers to the world. The business covers the global supply chain - from herdsmen to retailers. The mission of the company is to strengthen the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainable development of Australia's wool industry and also increase the demand for Australian wool and market awareness.

The course of cooperation:

■ In 1997, Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. applied to become a franchise enterprise with pure wool logo.

■ From 1998 to 2001, the Woolmark Company continued to provide technical support to Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd..

■ In 2003, Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. cooperated with the Woolmark Company to develop a pure wool fabric without chemical treatment, which can be washed in the washing machine, and released the fabric at the 2006 China International Trade Fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories in Shanghai.

■ In 2004, Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. cooperated with AWI to study the effect of wool curl on finished fabrics.

■ In 2011, Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. and the Woolmark Company worked closely together to develop a series of new and innovative fabrics using the latest Optim technology, including Neulana Design ( For high-end fashion ) and Neulana Sports ( For outdoor sports, urban clothing and high-performance clothing ).

■ In January 2013, AWI exhibited outdoor sports fabrics designed and produced by Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. at the US Outdoor Sports Products Exhibition, and received the first order from Italy in February.

■ In January 2013, the two sides signed an agreement that AWI would provide Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd. with laboratory equipment such as sample looms, sample warping machines, rolling mills and sample dryers and etc. for product development.

■ In October 2013, the Wool Development Center ( WDC ) was officially established.

■ In July 2014, AWI provided WDC with sample spinning frame, breaking machine and flat knitting machine.

■ In 2014, WDC designed and developed wool bulked fabric.

■ In October 2014, the International Wool Education Center ( IWEC ) was established .