Shan Dong Nanshan Zhishang SCI-TECH Co.,Ltd.  has seven production factories covering suits, shirts, trousers, casual wear and advanced customization and etc. which is a modern high-grade suit production base. Relying on the strong resource base of the industrial chain of Nanshan Zhishang and Clothing, it provides customers with a one-stop solution " from fabric to finished clothing" to reduce the customer's intermediate links and ensure product quality.

Nanshan Zhishang  has become one of the clothing manufacturers for the 2012 London Olympic Games, relying on its high-quality fabrics, advanced research and development, excellent design, excellent manufacturing technology and good service. The Company focuses on the management of the business wear market and won the title of " China's Leading Business Wear Enterprise" issued by the China Clothing Association due to its stable product quality and fast response service speed. Beifu • Nanshan China Business Clothing Research Institute won the honor of " Outstanding Contribution" in the clothing design and production of APEC leaders in 2014.

Nanshan Zhishang  relies on its own better design, perfect quality, better service to export to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Meanwhile, it also sets up a good and stable cooperation relations with dozens of international famous clothing brands and domestic high-grade, middle-grade clothing brand, which has become clothing production cooperation units with other domestic enterprises, such as finance, communications, electricity, aviation, metro, tobacco and so on and public security, industrial, commercial and tax department and etc. 

  Cut out

The cutting production lines in each factory of Nanshan Zhishang have introduced the world's advanced equipment - American Gerber Automatic Cutting Machine, which has improved the working efficiency and accuracy of cutting, and has adopted the cutting process of secondary fine cutting. The second fine cutting can make the fabric naturally retract and relax and the error between the cut piece and the model is close to zero. The accuracy of the cut piece is the quality basis for making high-grade products.


The sewing production lines of each factory of Nanshan Zhishang  have introduced advanced sewing and intermediate ironing equipment from Italy, Japan and Germany and etc. Also, the products are exported to France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil and other European and American countries. Meanwhile, the Company hires the Italian and Japanese expert teams for guidance and owns a pure Italian craft system and an advanced Japanese management system. In addition, according to the different fabrics and the different humidity environment in the place of sale, semi-finished products humidified craftsmanship is adopted so as to prevent the products from foaming in the environment with high humidity and affect the appearance quality of the products.

The production line adopts Ito Automatic Hanging System for semi-finished goods circulation, which can organize the large flowing production and significantly improve the production efficiency, save logistics time. Meanwhile, each employee has an independent workstation. After finishing sewing, the employee can press the automatic button in the station, and then semi-finished products will automatically be transported to the next workstation.


The ironing equipment of each factory of Nanshan  Zhishang  is all imported from advanced equipment of Italian Rotondi, which has the first-class characteristics of laser positioning, computer program control, high-temperature setting, vacuum moisture absorption and so on. With Italian ironing process directed by Italian ironing experts, the operation method of each process is to iron in strict accordance with the three-dimensional structure of the human body in order to achieve natural, three - dimensional, soft, comfortable effects.


The finished products of each factory of Nanshan  Zhishang  are inspected by a three-level inspection system. Firstly, the products are inspected before finishing and ironing, and the quality problems missed in sewing are inspected. Secondly, the products are inspected to check the missing ironing marks and pleats, etc after finishing the ironing. Thirdly, the products are inspected before they are put into storage, in order to confirm that the products put into storage cannot have low-level quality problems. After the third-level inspection, all products have to pass the needle inspection machine before they can be finally put into storage. The purpose of needle inspection is to prevent the product from containing broken needles that were accidentally broken during sewing.