The clothing industry of the Company has imported specialized clothing production equipment from Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries, and its comprehensive equipment level ranks among the world's advanced levels in the same industry.

The design center has the Clothing CAD / CAM Design System introduced from Gerber Company of the United States, which has the functions of automatic typesetting, code scaling, drawing reading and cutting, and truly realizes the integration of design, grading, typesetting and cutting to ensure the accuracy of personalized clothing.

In terms of fabric processing, the Company owns Italian advanced, fully automatic program-controlled fabric pre-shrinking machine, Spalo Torima. After the fabric is pre - shrunk, the warp and weft can reach a reasonable height, which not only makes the fabric more stable in size, but also makes the fabric soft, increases drape and sew-ability. Meanwhile, it does not shrink after ready-made clothes or deform after dry cleaning. In addition, the fabric shrinkage index is more in line with the production requirements.

There are many sets of high-brightness inspection lights in Japan's Kawakami full-automatic loom, which make the fabric defect visible and is also the first pass in the quality of a good suit fabric. Besides, U.S. Gerber automatic tension-free cloth laying machine ensures the balanced stress of the fabric. Furthermore, U.S. Gerber conveyor belt type full-automatic continuous cutting machine can ensure the accuracy of each piece of clothing and can quickly cut the clothing for customers. At the same time, it also has production equipment such as Germany's Canister bonder and cloth puller and etc.

The sewing production line has sewing equipment such as Germany's Dukepu automatic sewing machine with cover, Germany's Dukepu automatic sewing long machine, Italy's Kimber suit bead sewing machine, Germany's Pfaff sewing machine, Germany's Strobel blind sewing machine, Germany's Dukepu automatic bag opener, Germany's Dukepu program-controlled sleeve sewing machine, Germany's Dukepu round head eyeliner, and the US AMFREECE round eyeliner and etc. The stitch tightness is moderate, the capacity of each part is accurate and stable, the trajectory of the human body line is fixed, the back and sleeve seams are ensured to be consistent with the human body shape after sewing. Meanwhile, the computer design capacity such as bag opening, keyhole, sleeve holding, upper sleeve and etc. are accurate in design, with the accuracy of each product reaching 100 %.

Germany's Strobel automatic barge machine, special equipment for semi - linen liner and all-linen liner, plus all computer controlled, hand - made imitation all make the connection between fabric and wool liner more accurate and tight, keep the suit barge natural and comfortable, and is not easily out of shape.

The post-finishing production line has Japanese Juki automatic button - feeding and button - tying machines and Germany's Veit Brisay ironing and shaping equipment both have the first-class characteristics of technology, such as laser positioning, computer program control, high-humidity shaping, vacuum temperature absorption and so on. It can be operated by microcomputer program control according to the wool content, pressure and the intensity of pressure parameters of different fabrics, temperature control, steam discharge and other data. Besides,the middle ironing and post-ironing are all adapted from fully automatic rotary ironing. After ironing, the overall appearance of the clothing is flat, plump and conforms to the structure of the human body. Meanwhile, the suspension system avoids the defects of deformation, buckling and the like caused by handling and stacking in the process of delivering the suit.

Automatic cutting system

Fully automatic cloth laying

Drawing machine

High - speed electronic bartack machine ( Accessories of D - type bartack machine )

Full - automatic pocket machine for large pockets


Automatic barge machine

Round head buttonhole machine

upper sleeve sliver machine

Upper sleeve liner machine

Front sheet setting machine


Pant line ironing machine

Continuous steam preshrinking machine

Needle testing machine

Suit ironing assembly line

Suit hanging assembly line

Suit production line